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Draw in King vs Pawn Endgame?

Hello! As I was watching one of Ben Finegold's lectures YouTube, i was surprised when he said that in the following position (white to move) it would

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Can black King hit protected white Queen?

Can black king hit white king? Since white bishop can't be moved, white king will get check from black rook. Please help Follow the rules of chess. A

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Pinned Pawn

Is white's pawn pinned against its king, denying black king to capture white queen (or free to threaten black king)? If White Queen takes Black Pawn

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Chess King Capture

When the other player's Queen or Rook or Knight or Bishop moves next to my King why can't I capture them? I've only played on line computers, and they

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Understanding Chess Engines
and Cross Tables

Chess notation questions I am having hard time interpreting some of the notations: 1. I am watching cross-table (

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and Cross Tables"

Where is the King? Chess Puzzle

Can someone solve and explain this puzzle? Please explain to me? The questions are... 1. Where is the King now? 2. What move the King made? 3. What's

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How is it a Stalemate?

Hello, I am a beginner. I'm reading a book about chess basics, and am confused by one test question given by the author. Would appreciate it if someone

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King moving into check?

I checked my opponent with a bishop and he moved onto a square covered by my knight. He said that was ok because I could not take him with my knight as

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Chess Students Choice

In this package, you’ll find the three products most favoured by chess students ...

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Mate with 2 Knights

Is it possible to get checkmate with just 2 knights? ------------------------------------ Admin Hi David, Checkmate positions with King and two Knights

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Grandmaster Chess - Teach Yourself

Study the Chess Course “Self-taught Grandmaster” to become a GM...

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Bizarre white move in Slav exchange

1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. c4xd5 c6xd5 4. Qa4!? This immediate check pressure and forced bishop d7 defense of the king is really detrimental to my pawn structure

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How to "analyze" enemy moves?

Hi admin. Someone said you must know what the enemy thinking, Yeah, By looking at their information and such. My question is how to examine enemy movement

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Stonewall Attack

Is it a good opening? Admin Hi, I played the Stonewall Attack for some time myself. I don't recommend it due to the following factors. 1. White has

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Chess rule

He believes it shouldn't have been a check mate because my knight was unable to move. --------------------------------- Admin Hi In the position above

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Queens Gambit

I want to know How is this opening for White...the expert views and right opinion..thnx! ------------------------------- Admin Hi, The Queens Gambit

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