Chess Strategies III
Elements of Chess

Chess Strategies III explains various chess ideas to enable you to find the right moves in difficult chess positions that can occur in your chess games. There are countless little chess motifs and it makes sense to study them.

To memorize chess ideas makes sense, as you will be able to apply them in your real games over and over again.

First of all when you want to make a certain move, try to look for arguments why your move is bad. The difference in thinking between a beginner and a master is that beginners try to find reasons, why a specific move they want to make is good, whereas masters try to find reasons why the intended move is bad and they look for ways how the opponent could possibly refute the move.

Think more about the moves and plans of your opponent and less about yourself, falsify your hypothesis then your game will improve in the long run. Change the way you think.

What opening should I play?

Boy, you do ask questions! Just kidding!

What is an Attacking Mark?
In many games you find attacking marks to focus your attack on. Most importantly become aware that they exist.

First get to know some Opening Traps in Chess. These traps are not so easy to understand right away. Some variations go over a long distance before you realize the trap.

What to do with the Isolani?
Often you get or can create an isolani for the opponent. If your opponent has one, then block it, then attack it from all sides and go into the endgame, if you can. The Isolani becomes weaker so more pieces are exchanged and leave the board. In the end you attack it with your king.

How to think in Chess?

Chess thinking requires a lot of discipline. To think the right way is vital to avoid blunders and stops your mind to overlook good moves from your opponent.

Value of Chess Game Pieces

The power level of each piece changes during the game and depends on the position of the piece. If the position of the piece is bad, then the power level is low. It is possible that a knight has a higher power level than a rook, when it is placed strongly in the center or near the opponents king. Everything is relative.

Lack of Coordination - Chess Piece Moves

Disturb the coordination of your opponents pieces if you can!

Deep Thoughts - Why did Black lose?

Have you ever asked yourself why you lost. Little things accumulate and lead to disaster. The opponent has to see it, of course, or your mistakes will not get punished.

Chess Lesson - Wrong Recapture

If you recapture the wrong way this can be enough reason to lose.

Early Attack leads to Disaster

Don't attack before you are fully developed or you run into disaster.

The deadly Rook

Blacks straightforward setup leads to an unstoppable attack. Memorize this game.

Simple Chess Moves

Different Colored Bishops

If your bishop has a different color as your opponents bishop then organize an Attack running foremost on the same colors of your bishop!

Difficult Moves

Beat the Spanish with this Sideline

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