Chess Strategies for Beginners II

Learn Chess Strategies for Beginners to play better chess. Stop losing making dumb moves.

"When you are lonely, when you feel yourself an alien in the world, play Chess. This will raise your spirits and be your counselor in war."

Learn chess strategies first at Chess Strategies for Beginners I. After that come back here.

Chess Formation Strategy

I show you now how to start your game. Before you start to play you should know where to place your pieces - know the right chess formation strategy.

Where do you place your pawns, knights and bishops, when do you castle and what happens to the queen and the rooks. When should you attack? Or do you have to attack at all? Questions over questions.

I will give you a rough idea now. Please study the following chess strategies for beginners carefully.
Read the Guidelines: Chess Formation Strategy.

chess strategies for beginners
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For beginners I recommend Logical Chess - Move by Move by Chernev because it explains every move.
Another good book is the Complete Idiot's Guide to Chess that received very good reviews.

Chess Thinking

Now try to get mentally into the real game and try to understand some of the following positions. Some are difficult to master, but don't worry, just repeat them the next day to get used to chess thinking. Your brain has to adjust, that's all there is to it.
Win some Positions here! - Chess Puzzles

Did you manage it all right? It is necessary that you understand the following basic chess strategies for beginners called - Endgames or Endings, using the heavy pieces.(queen and rook are called heavy pieces)
Check them out now!
Rook and Queen Endgames - Basic Chess Strategies

How a Beginner plays Chess

Replay the games of a beginner.
Beginner Chess - Games I
Chess for Beginners - Games II

It was hard, wasn't it? Yes, chess is a hard game. You got to have discipline, yep! Chess teaches...It is hard to start a game and make the right moves all the time. This is almost impossible, I know.

What do you think before you make a move? Try to understand the following chess strategies that are applied. In the following games Black needs to learn some chess strategies for beginners because he plays like a beginner. See next lesson.
How to play a Chess Game and exploit Mistakes - Beginners Chess

How did you go? Did it make click under your hat? Yes, it's mind blowing in the beginning, I know. When I learned chess I dreamed about chess positions at night. I have got some more training here now.
How to win with Checkmate in 2

I got here a mixed cocktail of training positions.
Mixed Chess Positions - Basic Chess Strategy

In the Beginning you lose all Games! So what!

In the beginning when you start playing chess you are going to lose all games. So? Come back here and study more openings and more chess strategies for beginners. And one day you get them!

I tell you a secret. When I entered a chess club as a beginner, I was losing, losing and losing for the next few months to come. Because nobody had told me any chess strategies for beginners.

It is quite normal that you lose in the beginning as most players got years of practical experience and knowledge. So how can you match that? You can't, my friend! You must lose at first. That's the way it is!

chess strategies for beginners
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How to handle special Situations? - Chess Strategies for Beginners

Defend it! - How to play a Chess Game

And when things are getting really tough and you are losing then you might discover a perpetual check and you can force the same position three times in a row and more...which gives you a draw.
Force a Chess Draw with Perpetual Check!

And because you liked it so much there is just the next chess strategies for beginners lesson waiting for you here.
Force a Draw somehow - Basic Chess Strategies

You are warmed up now. Try to find a winning move!
Find the Winning Move - Good Moves

It is getting harder now!
Find it! - Learn to play Chess

Avoid Unnatural Moves and put your pieces on proper squares!
Unnatural Moves - Learn Chess Strategies

Play the following position to the end and learn how to win this endgame as White.
Win this Endgame as White

In the lesson below you are up in material and should win.
Play this Chess Position and win versus the Chess Program

You are up in material and have a strong winning advantage below.
Win this Chess Position versus the Chess Program

Chess Openings - Chess Strategies for Beginners

Yes, my friend we get there. We come to the chess openings now. This is great fun. When you know an opening well, you don't even have to think for the first twelve moves or more. You just play the moves within a few minutes. And if your opponent has no idea, how to open the right way, you just run him over in no time at all...

How do I start my game? What is the right plan?
Good chess openings will guide you and bring you on the right path.

I tell you something, a lot of games are lost already before they even started, right in the chess opening. Many beginning players just don't have a clue how to start a chess game properly and they get overrun by stronger players right from the start. They have not the slightest chance to get the pieces out properly or they put the pieces on wrong squares or run early into a devastating attack or, or, or....

Example: Don't move the pawn on f7 beside your king! Or you lose the exchange - rook for a knight! See the following game. And don't move this pawn in similar situations as this is equally bad.

chess strategies for beginners

1. Your first move should be e4. (or d4)

(or c4, maybe later in your personal development phase).
To learn the principles of chess, it is important that you play open games with a lot of active play and combinations. This is best achieved by playing only e4 for many months to come. This is the most popular opening move. Bobby Fischer said about this move: Best by test! He himself played it nearly always.

2. Don't play closed positional chess openings in the beginning of your chess career!

If you would always start with e4 in every game you play, you have still a lot to learn which can take up a lifetime, believe me. You could specialize on e4 in your entire chess career and play nothing else with the white pieces.

Many grandmasters play positional chess openings starting with d4,c4 or Nf3. But you are not ready for that.

Get some good chess books or download UNIQUE chess teaching videos made by a grandmaster!

3. Play active! Get the initiative, if you can!

Learn to play open, active, tactical-rich games first, until you understand the chess principles. Those principles are best demonstrated in games opened with the move e4! Later on you can learn chess openings. But this is not necessary at first.
Just play wild chess games so much as you can. That way you get used to the way of thinking in chess and learn how the pieces move about.

4. Develop first your kingside pieces and castle and don't attack right away if black plays good developing moves.

Use common sense! It can't be right to attack somebody who makes no mistakes and has developed all pieces correctly. If you do attack him, you will n o t develop your pieces fast enough and will lose center control and sooner or later the game! Always develop your pieces f a s t and don't move any useless pawns unless the pawn move is a center-pawn-move that controls vital center squares and is necessary for developing the pieces.
Find the right opening and study it!

I recommend that you study the Ruy Lopez ( Spanish Chess Opening Strategy ), Italian Game (Giuoco Piano) and the Sicilian Defence for a start.

If White plays 1.d4 and 2.c4 setup.

Then play the Cambridge-Springs Defense. Just try to learn the following moves now! This will be a good test for you in memorizing opening lines. This opening is easy to learn!

chess strategies for beginners

I will show you the games now. Go to Cambridge Springs Defense.

If White plays 1.d4 and 2.c3 setup - The Colle System.

Learn the right setup for Black. If you have White and like to play d4 from time to time yourself, just to get the feel for it, then I recommend the Colle System - Basic Chess Moves for you. This chess opening system is easy to learn.

It is important to know the Colle System when you have the black pieces, because sooner or later an opponent will play it against you. When you have Black and like to play the Cambridge-Springs, but your opponent does not play the pawn to c4, but to c3 instead (Colle-System) then what are you going to do then?

chess strategies for beginners

When you play Colle as White, then you gain a good understanding of this opening and know how to handle it, when you have to play against it with the black pieces.

The Four Move Checkmate

Discover the nonsense of the Four-Move-Checkmate.
Go to The Four Move Checkmate

The Early Chess Attack

Don't attack too early.
Go to Early Chess Attack

Don't ruin your nerves.

Stay away from Bullet Chess

Return here to chess strategies for beginners if you need to refresh the knowledge you have gained so far.

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