Free Chess Game Download

Looking for a free chess game download? No problem, I found some nice programs for you in the internet which you can download. They play pretty well.

If you are a beginner in chess, you probably don't have a chance but don't worry, there is help on the horizon. If you lose every game then come back to my site and learn some chess strategies.


This chessprogram is freeware as well and called GNUCHESS

When you have downloaded it, you have to extract it into a new empty directory, which you have to create first. You can call the directory GNUCHESS, if you like.

This free chess program is pretty simple to use, but strong. You will find it hard to beat. Now you can test the chess strategies that you have learned so far. So, off you go, my friend!

Jose Chess

Jose Chess is also a very nice chess program indeed. It has good graphics. You will like it.


Crafty is a well-known freeware chess program. I like the graphics very much.

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