Learn good Chess Strategies
Study Chess Ideas to win!

It takes time to learn and be able to apply good Chess Strategies. Chess consists of countless little strategic ideas. Memorize those ideas to use them in your chess games.

Study the following chess lessons.

The E-Pawn Advance

Push the E-Pawn! Cramped chess opening setup leads to bad chess position.

The E-Pawn Advance - Throw Sand into the Setup

The Opponent has violated chess principles and gets punished. E-Pawn Push disturbs piece coordination severely.

Bishop Pair

The Bishop Pair and the E-Pawn Advance. Keep your Bishop Pair when the position tends to open up in the near future. Two bishops are working very well together in open positions. You don't see it, but you feel it!

The Plan in Chess

It is important and vital in chess to formulate a plan of action. You can't just move your pieces here and there without a plan as you will destroy the coordination of your pieces and ruin the whole setup.

Watch the video below to understand how to formulate a plan. To do this you have to ask the right questions. First you have to count your pieces and pawns to see if you are up or down in material. A chess player always knows if he is up or down in material during the game.

Then you have to figure out on which part of the board you have the best chances to succeed and if an inbalance exists.

Look for weak pawns and for weak structures and understand in which direction your pieces should evolve. You might even sacrifice a pawn to execute your plan.

Kasparov versus Deep Blue - Second Match Games

Deep Blue was a big computer developed by IBM. Kasparov was invited to play against this monster. Replay games from the match - Kasparov versus Deep Blue 1997

Isolated Pawn - Chess Game

How to handle the Isolated Pawn?

Strategies of Chess - The Imbalance in a Chess Game

Chess Games tend to become imbalanced over time. Use the Imbalance to your Advantage

Winning Chess Moves - Chess Game

Winning Chess Moves - running behind in Piece Development

Best Chess Books

good chess strategies
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Compare Chess Piece Potential

Chess Moves - Use your Intuition

Chess Knight Tour

Try the Chess Knight Tour - Can you make it? If not, so what? Don't worry too much about it! This has not much relevance to a Chess game.

Chess Pattern

Recognize Chess Patterns and memorize them for later use! I wish I would have a photographic memory.

Define Targets - Chess Strategy

Choose a target. This page is a bit rough, I know. But I have to wake you up somehow. LOL

Pawn Majority - Chess Analysis

Use Pawns the right way.

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