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I am meditating myself since many years and I think meditation software is an interesting subject as you can find very unusual products nowadays.

Just check the Meditation Products on this page. I searched the internet for you and found some interesting web stores with unusual meditation products, even so-called mind machines.

This company below is an established brand in the fast growing mental wellbeing market.


- a range of meditation MP3 downloads from the Library area of the Meditainment web site.

- a range of meditation CDs and DVDs which are top sellers in thousands of retail stores across the globe.

Their programs are shown on the entertainment systems of thousands of hotels and hospitals, as well as on the in-flight entertainment systems of major airlines such as: Air Canada, Virgin Atlantic, US Airways, China Airlines and Qantas.

I recommend that you try the

FREE Secret Garden Guided Meditation Sample

You escape into a world of imagination by following a story about lying in a hammock in your Secret Garden. You become deeply relaxed and have the opportunity to think about anything in the clarity of your meditative state of mind.


Another interesting meditation web store is

This combination hardware device (the iom) measures your body’s energy and coherence levels and allows you to use your thoughts, emotions, and breathing to complete the mind & body training events.

Try these interesting and amazing products for Learning or Improving a meditation practice, mindfulness, brain training, stress relief, feeling more vibrant, and getting rid of anxious and negative feelings.

Their Software works in conjunction with The Iom, their patented, proprietary Active Feedback hardware. The company produces various software titles.

For example - Journey to Wild Divine -: The Passage was the first, and is in the Mac World Hall of Fame. The Passage featured two modes, an adventure game style of play, where you explore a lush, interactive world, and a guided training mode..

They offer Relaxing Rhythms, previously known as Healing Rhythms as well, which is an interactive mind-body training program with leaders in wellness industry.

However, they got a lot more to offer so check them out.
Click Image below!

stress releif training software and meditation.


Biofeedback and Light Sound Systems

MindPlace was there at the beginning with the meditation technology revolution. They have been ahead of the curve since 1988. Their mission is to provide tools for the inner explorer to create a more enlightened and enjoyable life.

MindPlace is the leader in the field of Light and Sound – AKA “Mind Machines”. Their systems are used for cognitive enhancement, peak performance, focus, mediation training and personal development - Click here!

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