3D Chess Set

A three-dimensional chess set ( or 3D chess set ) uses multiple boards at different levels. The Chess pieces can move in three physical dimensions. The classic "Space chess" was invented in 1907 by Dr. Ferdinand Maack.

Medieval Knights 3D Chess Set

3D Chess Set
Medieval Knights 3D Chess Set

Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

3D Chess Set
Roman Gladiators 3D Chess Set

3D Dragon Chess Set

Dragon 3D Chess Set
3D Dragon Chess Set

The idea is that like in modern warfare, attack should be possible not only two-dimensionally like on even ground, but also from the air and from underwater.

To play it just use the rules of regular chess and you will be right. You have won when you have checkmated your opponent's king, as usual.

Exceptions are:

- castling
- to capture a pawn en passant
- the pawn's initial double jump

Three dimensional chess was played in some Star Trek movies by Commander Spock versus Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy.

The most popular commercially available game at the moment is Strato Chess.

Take chess to new dimensions and have fun. Play 3D variation of chess to stretch your mind and you and your friend will be entertained for hours.

3d chess sets

It doesn't take up a lot of space and is light weight so you can carry it to other places for example to your friends homes.

You will enjoy a whole new way of thinking about chess. The chess rules can be learned easily from the included guide. But I don't know where to get this set. But you can find great chess sets below.

Get Your Three Dimensional Chess Set

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