A Pawn can capture anytime

by Bruce Johnson

Can the first move of a pawn be a diagonal capture or does it need move forward one or two spaces before capturing?
Hi Bruce,
a pawn can capture anytime no matter if it sits still on its original square or not.

See position below where Black will promote a pawn into a queen. For that a black pawn must reach the last rank. To achieve this Black will sacrifice his g-pawn to free the way for his e-pawn.

Black moves
pawn capturehow a pawn captures
Black plays 1...g3 and attacks the white f-pawn on its original square. The white f-pawn has never moved before.

pawn capturehow a pawn captures
The f-pawn will capture 2.fxg (or the black pawn will move ahead and promote) and after that Black can move his e-pawn forward playing 2...e3. The white king cannot catch the black e-pawn anymore.

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