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Impressum – About Me

I have been playing Chess for about thirty years now and try to unlock the beauty of this game for you.

I started when I was 15 years old. I went to a Chess Club Saturday afternoon and played first against a little boy who was about 8 years old. He played so fast. It took him just a few seconds to spot a good move. He didn’t even think and looked away when he has moved, talking to other kids at the same time.

I was thinking hard but lost my queen in no time at all. It took him a few seconds to see my mistake. At the time I thought: ‘Jesus, this boy must be a genius or I am a dumb head.’

After that I bought my first Chess Book and started studying and my playing strenght improved very much after a few years and I even won the district championship.

After that I was playing in higher team leagues in Germany. Chess became my passion and followed me throughout my life, in good and bad times. It never left me like a good friend, and it was the source of great joy. I met a lot of interesting people through Chess. Finally I started this website to show you the beauty of this game.

I am a German native and learned English at school and spent over 4 years in Australia. This has improved my English a lot. But please don’t expect me to be perfect in English grammar and spelling.

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Norbert Thomas
Königsbergerstrasse 15
65830 Kriftel



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I hope you enjoy my site. Thank You!

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