Antique Chinese Chess Set with Hand carved Ivory Pieces

by Catharine

This set is Chinese with Hand-carved Ivory chess pieces. The Kings are approximately 4-4.5" tall.

All of the pieces feature ornate carving and scrimshaw detailing.

The Chinese ivory chess set comes with large, hand-carved figures that resemble “emperors, philosophers, warriors on horseback, pagodas and the immortals of Chinese mythology. Please see photo.

A similar, but less detailed, set on LiveAuctioneers had an auction estimate of $7500-10,000 and sold for $6500.

Another near identical set is on the market for $24,500. We believe it to be roughly 1920-1930.

I run an online business, so payment is through PayPal business invoice to protect both buyer and seller. More photos available upon request.

If interested, you can reach me at

Thanks for looking.

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