Antique Ivory Chess Set from Asian Elephant Ivory

by Matt C
(Oklahoma, USA)

Antique Ivory Chess Set

Antique Ivory Chess Set

This Chess Set is very sentimental to me, this is the chess set that I learned to play chess on. I was fascinated with the detail of the ivory as a young boy and convinced my father to teach me how to play on it. With that said, it has been collecting dust at my house and I am interested in selling it.

All of the pieces are in perfect condition! the "ball" of ivory has many layers to it that are all separate from each other and move freely. I have no idea how they would carve such detail and intricacy into these pieces, but I am mesmerized by them!

The box that the pieces come in unfolds to make the chess board, it is also in good condition. However the elastic band that holds the pieces in place is no longer stretchy.

If you are serious about buying this board, please email me at

I am selling this chess set for $4000

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Oct 30, 2019
Please NEW
by: Anonymous

I am an American foreign service brat. I grew up in SE Asia during the war. My dad taught me to play with this set when I was (6) six. At 16 my parents moved us back to the States and their marriage fell apart. Daddy's chess set was collateral damage.
I have been looking for this chess set for a decade. I don't have $4000. Do you have any room for negotiating?

Tamara Hall Mooradian

Nov 28, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi, is this chess set still available?

Feb 14, 2017
Lovely set!
by: Anonymous

wow! I love that set! the detail is amazing!

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