Antique Ivory Chess Set

An Antique Ivory chess set is very valuable. These rare chess sets were made from ivory in the past, many centuries ago.

They have a different form than modern day chess pieces as they reflect a different culture. Some are from the 7th and 8th centuries.

The teeth and tusks of the elephant, hippopotamus, mammoth and walrus are made of ivory.

antique ivory chess set

Nathaniel Cook and John Jaques created the first ivory set of Staunton chess pieces in the 19th century. The Staunton style became the standard.


Ivory was widely used hundreds of years ago, but it is hard to get ivory nowadays due to animal protection laws. For that reason new ivory chess sets are very rare and sell for more than $900.

Please note that I am not an expert for ivory chess sets, so please don't ask me about the value of these sets. Sometimes people have an old ivory chess set at home or inherit one and like to sell it.

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