Antique Ivory Chess Set

An Antique Ivory chess set is very valuable. These rare chess sets were made from ivory in the past, many centuries ago.

They have a different form than modern day chess pieces as they reflect a different culture. Some are from the 7th and 8th centuries.

The teeth and tusks of the elephant, hippopotamus, mammoth and walrus are made of ivory.

antique ivory chess set

Nathaniel Cook and John Jaques created the first ivory set of Staunton chess pieces in the 19th century. The Staunton style became the standard.


Ivory was widely used hundreds of years ago, but it is hard to get ivory nowadays due to animal protection laws. For that reason new ivory chess sets are very rare and sell for more than $900.

Please note that I am not an expert for ivory chess sets, so please don't ask me about the value of these sets. Sometimes people have an old ivory chess set at home or inherit one and like to sell it.

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Vintage Ivory Chess Set 
As a young man of 21, I was directed to travel to Hong Kong for the first time in 1969 for work. There I was fortunate enough to live in the private …

just looking for some info on this Ivory Chess Set 
I was recently shown a 32 piece hand carved Ivory set, I know nothing about this game or the unique story it tells. I am looking for a home for it. …

Ivory Chess Set from Dealer 
I was in the US Air Force, stationed in Japan in 1960. I traveled to Hong Kong and purchased this ivory chess set from a reputable dealer. The …

2 Antique Indian Ivory chess sets for sale 
Hello I have two Antique Indian Ivory chess sets that I found in an abandoned storage locker I purchased at auction. I am selling them both for $5000 …

Ivory Chess Set W/paperwork Purchased 8/14/63 Inherited  
My father in law passed away, and while clearing out his house, I came upon a chess set in the original box with packing and provenance. The set came …

Antique Ivory Chess Set from Asian Elephant Ivory 
This Chess Set is very sentimental to me, this is the chess set that I learned to play chess on. I was fascinated with the detail of the ivory as a young …

Indian Ivory Chess Set 
I bought two antique chess sets in kings road, London in the 1980's, having been with S A Airways. I cannot remember what I paid for this chess set, …

Large Ivory Tea stained Chess Set with Storage Board (largest piece 6 1/2") (board 30" by 30")  
CHINESE HAND CARVED IVORY CHESS SET Stunning Chinese hand carved ivory set. Palace sized set with display stand and wooden case. Each figure is comprised …

East Asian Ivory Chess Set from the fifties with CITES 
Chess set ** Chess with 32 Ivory chess pieces, Originating time: end of the fifties / start of the sixties Country of origin: India / South Asia …

Vintage Ivory Chess Pieces 
These were purchased at an estate sale by my husband and me, so the age and origination of the set is unknown, but they are definitely old. We didn't …

Japanese, circa 1940-1950
Genuine Elephant Tusk
I found this Chess set while cleaning out a storage unit when I was 15, I'm now 54 so I have had it for a while. I've had an appraisal so I know what …

Sahib Sihk Bust Hand Carved Ivory Chess Set 
I have had this set for 40yrs. A family of Doctors from India had the set hand carved for their grandfather in the late 191h century and passed down to …

Antique Chinese Hand Carved Ivory Chess Set  
This unique, antique Chinese hand carved ivory chess set was bought in China 0ver 75 years ago by my father during WW2. Although it is full with intricate …

Hand Carved Ivory Chinese Chess Set 
This hand carved Ivory Chess Set is in like new condition. A friend of my father, who traveled the world buying timber, gave my father this set in the …

Ivory Chess Set 
Hello! How old is it? I have no idea how old this Ivory chess set is from!! Where did you get it from? My unkle Peter Kirn lives in Germany and …

Hand Carved Ivory Chess Set 
This unique, hand carved ivory chess set was bought in China 47 years ago. Although it has much intricate work, it has been well looked after. The pieces …

Vintage Handcarved Ivory Staunton boxed Chess Set 
How much does ivory go for? Approximately $200-$375 per inch. DESCRIPTION: Carved Ivory 1950s Staunton Style Chess: This is an Vintage CHESS SET in …

mid 1800 Selenus chess set 
Hard to get good photos.. Ivory, 1830- 1850, grandfather brought it over from Germany. Trying to get a price ?? Couple very minor chips in two galleries. …

Hand Carved Wood Ivory Chess Set 
This chess set was purchased at an estate sale in Kansas over 20 years ago, it did not come with any paperwork or indication of maker of any kind. The …

Chinese Unique Handmade Ivory chess set  Not rated yet
Hello, My grandfather bought that almost 80 years ago. I do not have a clue as to how much he paid for it, but he was a mean of good taste and means....( …

Ivory Chinese Chess Set Not rated yet
No story really, passed down from my grandfather and I'm very curious as to the symbols under the pieces. And they are very beautiful as they are carved …

Antique Ivory Chess Set Made in China From East African Ivory Not rated yet
My father took a trip to China in 1983 with the People to People exchange program. While over there he took lots of photographs and brought back …

Ivory chess set l believe it’s per ban it’s was my wife grandpa and he served over seas in ww2 Not rated yet
Well we got this when my wife dad pasted away. He got it from his dad when he passed away we’ll no my wife at 42 years of age has died from cancer and …

Antique Asian Elephant Ivory Chess Set 19th Century  Not rated yet
I want to sell this chess set that was given to me by my mother. Bought in England around 1950-1955 at an antique shop. It was said to be 80 years …

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Selling my Chess Set Not rated yet
Hi, got this from my dad's heritage. He was in the direction of the Shell petroleum company and traveled a lot. Probably got this around 1950-55. …

How much is this Ivory Set worth - selling Not rated yet
Please let me know how much is this set worth and feel free to make an offer. Thanks, Miguel López

Antique Asian Ivory Chess Set Not rated yet
I inherited this chess set from my father-in-law, he collected ivory chess sets and bought them from Asia. This particular set is still in exceptional …

Ivory Chess Set 1968 Not rated yet
I have this Ivory Chess set, that was given to me in 1968, from my brother. He was stationed in Japan, with the army. I want to sell this set, please …

Oriental Chess Set offered – Pre regulated, circa 1962 Not rated yet
I purchased this hand carved set in Hong Kong in 1962 while in the military. It has remained in its case more nearly all of the last 54 years. …

Tiffany and Co. Ivory Chess Set Not rated yet
I have in my possession this gorgeous set marked Tiffany and Co. Union Square; definitely Ivory (passed all Ivory tests) which I paid under $200 for the …

Vintage Ivory Chess Set from Family Estate 1950's ? Not rated yet
From my family estate. Carved Ivory chess set I was told from the 50's. Family member was stationed in the military over sea's back then. Wood playing …

Thai hand crafted Ivory Chess Set Not rated yet
It belonged to my grandparents then passed to my mom and now to me. Its as if it has never been used. when I say it is in 100% condition, I mean it. …

Antique Ivory and Water Buffalo Not rated yet
Well, my father picked up this chess set when he was in Thailand around 1962. It has been kept up in a closet and we played it several times when I …

Ivory Chess Set Not rated yet
I acquired this set from a close friend before he passed away, he inherited it when his brother passed away, supposedly this set was brought back in the …

Ivory Oriental Style Chess Set Not rated yet
Not sure of age, but I understand it was purchased in Japan in the 1950's. Ivory pieces - natural white and stained dark pieces. Each piece is slightly …

Ivory Chess Set For Sale Not rated yet
Hi, This chess set belonged to my mother over the last 30 years. I rememeber she bought it in either Egypt or Israel back in the 1980"s. The set was …

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