Back from Computer Depression

by Dom

Your site has brought me back from chess depression!!
I used to play fanatically on the web against humans. I won some and lost many more, but always felt the excitement of this game.
Then I found that chess programs were supreme at my level, but inhuman! I got depressed, in an instant my mental powers were rendered laughable by a cruel uncaring computer program. I stopped playing humans... what is the point??, I thought, in my depression.
"I must beat this machine first".
But I never could... And I became demoralised and stopped completely...
Then after a bit I decided to search for hints on how to beat this machine on google, and I found your site.
It gave me, first of all, a video of some pretty East European girls playing grandmaster level, so I thought, hey OK! What else?
So I saw more about the history and Bobby Fisher and realised that chess is about the human mind and how it relates to other human minds and though, of course, we can build machines to better us at anything we want, the most profound thing is to pitch one mind against another... So I am studying from now on your site, in order to better myself in this ancient game, and to take part again but this time much more socially, with discussion after and a drink or two. As it should be.... Cheers!

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Oct 16, 2015
I felt the same way...
by: Anonymous

I very much feel social chess is good for the mind. I don't mind losing and do not stress winning when I play. I have family and friends who play at my level some play much better. I give 100% but at the end of the game win or lose I laugh along with my opponent knowing we had a good game. Chess bring people together in a wonderful way.....

May 23, 2010
Chess is communication
by: Norbert

Yes, chess players tend to be less social as they are immersed too deeply in their own chess reality.
This attitude and behavior has to be overcome.

After all chess is not only about winning but a communication between two minds on the chess level.

One mind presents a strategic idea and the other recognizes it (hopefully) and presents another counter idea.

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