Checkers Board Games

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This Games Store offers various checkers board games.

Walnut Checkers Set

This Game is also called draught and is for two players. Each player has 12 colored discs.

The board consists of 32 dark and 32 light squares. Use the same board as chess. Place your pieces on the 12 dark squares close to you. Black has the first move.

You move one square ahead on the black squares only. If you can jump over the opponents piece or pieces, you must do so.

When you have jumped over a piece remove this piece from the board. Best strategy is to move your pieces to the right and left side of the board because the opponent can hardly jump over them, if they are placed on the edge of the board. This way you create strong outposts at the edge and sneak slowly into his position.

When your piece reaches the last row (first row of opponent) it becomes a king. It can move then along the diagonals as far as it wishes and can jump over the opponents pieces easily and remove them.

Use the king to jump over as many pieces as possible to reduce the opponents material.

In the end the opponent has almost no material left and cannot move anything and you win.

checkers board games

Chinese Checkers

checkers board games

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