Checkmate in 1

by Veroinva

WHITE: K-A2; R-G1; Q-E6; BLACK: K-F8; B-G8;

White to move. Which move delivers a capture checkmate to Black?



Hi! Veroinva,

I have created the diagram for you below. By the way, when you write down chess moves you don't need to put a dash in between.

Just write moves like that: Ka2, Rg1, Qe6 etc.

White moves
checkmate in 1

This is very easy. A good player (Black) would have resigned this position long time ago as White has a dramatic material advantage.

However, the best move is 1.RxB++ which leads to checkmate immediately.

1. After 1.QxB+ the King can escape to e7. (1...Ke7)

2. The move 1.Qe8+ is NOT possible because the Queen is pinned by the bishop and cannot move away from the diagonal. This would be an illegal move and against the rules.

3. 1.RxB++ is checkmate and the best move.

4. If White plays 1.Rf1+ then the King can escape again to g7. (1.Rf1+ Kg7)

Please learn Chess Notation here...

I hope this helps.

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