Chess against Computer

Play chess against computer and beat this Robo Chess Program below, which is a pretty weak chess player.

Have you learned chess in a chess club? Then you should be able to beat it easily. But you will have a hard time if you are a beginner in chess.

Chess Tutorials help you to get better. Find out if this chess program is too weak for you or not, try to beat it, then play the other programs on my site.

Beat this Robo Chess first. It plays the most terrible game I have ever seen! If you can't beat him then you are a beginner and should take chess lessons. Just joking!

The Robo doesn't have any idea how to play good moves. He weakens his kingside position quite often and does not develop his pieces fast enough and makes too many weakening pawn moves.

To castle: Click the king once first and then click on the rook!

The worst thing is that he puts his pieces on bad squares and moves the same piece many times in the opening. For example he puts his knights at the edge of the board, where they don't control the center properly. Just run him over in the center and attack his kingside later on.

And, after all, don't blunder away your pieces for nothing. Make sure all your pieces are secured. If you can beat this program then move on to stronger programs on my site.

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