How the Chess Bishop moves

The Chess Bishop moves on diagonals on one color only. He can capture other pieces of the opponent that are sitting on this diagonal.

When the position is blocked, the value of this chess piece decreases! Give him open lines and he will be happy. You might place him on long diagonals that points to the enemy king.

If the position changes and becomes blocked then you are better off to exchange the bishop for a knight. Stay flexible in chess and adjust to changing conditions. Do not just trade in a bishop for a knight for no reason but analyze the chess position first. If you have an open position keep both bishops on the chess board.

Keep in mind:
The bishops need open diagonals and they hate blocked positions where they feel locked in.

chess bishop chess bishop
He attacks on the diagonals but is NOT attacking the square on which he is placed! Here he can take away the pawn on F5. This is a stupid move as the enemy pawn on g6 will recapture and you lose the bishop for just ONE lousy pawn! That is not enough compensation.
chess bishop chess bishop
The B can capture the rook but the black pawn on g6 will recapture. The value of the rook is higher so this would be a good deal. Give your bishop and get the rook! That's good business! He can take away the pawn on e4 OR he can take the other one on b5. )
chess bishop chess bishop
He can take the rook FOR FREE! That's excellent business! He can capture the knight on e4, but the black pawn on d5 will recapture.

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Look here and learn about the value of chess pieces.
Chess Pieces Value

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