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Chess feedback and testimonials from customers who bought the chess courses from GM Smirnov...

Chess Grandmaster Igor Smirnov from Ukraine is a chess teacher and has developed a unique chess teaching system which is based on video chess courses.

There is a lot more positive feedback but I list only some of it below.


Hello Mr. Smirnov (or Igor, if you prefer),
As you already know I have taken your 3 courses. Although I study and play chess for many years, I have found in the courses some guidelines that I had never met before and made much sense to me. It filled some holes in my knowledge. I had beaten from time to time some rather strong GMs (maybe not so strong today but anyway) like Novikov I, Kotronias, Velimirovic, had some 1st places in tournaments, but in general my results suffered from a lack of consistency and I haven't even make it to become an IM.

My results against weaker players were sometimes not as I would expect. I had never a coach, all my results have been by personal work. This work has been random and probably have spent many hours on useless knowledge. The guidelines of your courses hopefully will bring some fruits.


Mr Igor,
thank you very much for your emails. I am very impress by your lessons you had sent to me.


Hi Igor
Thanks for the reply.I have got the third part of your course the grandmaster secrets and i am impressed. I am putting everything aside DVDs books etc and I am going to concentrate on this.


I just want to let you know that I went to a park to play chess today, and over five hours I won 66% of my games using your thought process and opening rep. Never have I bought chess software or dvd's or books that have been even a quarter as to the point and helpful as yours.
Thank you for helping me be a chess monster, even though I still have a long way to go!

Peter Augros

Hello!! GM Igor Smirnov, Thanks!!
I've bought all your chess courses. Have a good work in the next, that you told me!!!!!!

My best regards from BRAZIL!!!
Marcos Maracajá Castro

Dear Igor Smirnov,
Thanks for very useful & important lessons. You have doing very nice work - promoting Chess.
Thanks again.

With warm regards.
Kashianth Mangal
International Arbiter

Thank you very much for the videos.

Regards, Enrique Pfeiffer

Hi Igor, I would like to thank you for your great help
best regards Eric

Dear Grandmaster Smirnov
I feel compelled to write this email and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the three videos that you sent to me. Everything comes just at the right time and I am ready to grow with the information that you are giving to me.
I particulary enjoyed the lesson the most common mistakes chess players make. To take is a mistake. I have been making that mistake now for 28 years of playing chess! I learned the game way back in 1982.

You are truly a gifted teacher and know how to help a chess player. I would like to buy some of your materials but money is tight at the moment but I will make a plan sooner than later. I know I will benefit from your help.
Everything of the best

Yours sincerely
Loyd Wellen

Hello mr. Smirnov
After only just reading your chess courses (I had no time to look at the drills) I participated in 2 tournaments and had an increase in Elo of about 35 points! One of these tournaments was the Open Greek Championship which I won with 7/9 (in the island of Ikaria), that finished 2 days ago. I had done some other work the last months but 2-3 data from the courses helped me to win some crucial games! So I strongly recommend them to any player who wants to play better games, have a better understanding of chess and get better results, Elo points and prizes.

Thanks a lot for your work!

Kostas Nikolaidis

Thank u very much for ur tutorials sir. Im very grateful to u. Thanks a ton.

gu ba

Dear GM!
Thank You very much for all informations, materials and advices. They are very interesting and important vor me.

My best regards
Janusz Iwaszkiewicz

Hello Igor,
I've seen your free video lessons, and they are just fantastic so Im considering to buy either the course "GM's secrets" or "How to beat titled members" I purchaced two lesson GM's secrets and opening course. Its lesson is amazing. It inspire me a lot. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
On of your Korean fan.

Sincerely yours
Hyungwoo OH
P.S. I am expecting your another video lesson.

To my great teacher ,all thanks and appreciation and respect to you, I have benefited a lot from your lessons and advices and recommendations, and I hope you continue to write to me whenever you get the opportunity, and I very much appreciate the time given me,

Your pupil marwanredman123

Dear Grandmaster Smirnov,
Many thanks for your chess lessons. Though I am an old player (age 75) and have some experience, your method is for me novel. Sometime later, I think in October, I would like to make a contribution. I'll ask for the details then.
Best wishes.

Uluğ Nutku, sometime Turkish national player and president of the Turkish Chess Federetion

dear igor sir gd mrng!
i really appreciate yr humble sportsmanspirit qualities which is impossible in such a competitive era i think this shows yr indepth love towards chess and a true teacher. anyway my all best wishes with u and god bless u for your further goals.
tks n w/re gds.
nilesh j sompura


First Name: Cris Antoniou
Country: Greece
: I have been playing chess with the program chessmaster 11 for some years.
My grade is around 1600-1700. I spend some hours to read your 2 first lessons. After that I won or had a draw 4 times over personalities around 1800 grade. it never happened to me before.

Your secrets made me a cold killer from the one day to another. it is not only the wins. It is the way I had it.

I had control of the games, I had my opponents always in pressure, I was all the way the winning part, even in the games that came out with a draw.

I cannot understand exactly how it happened. Probably your advice are the wisdom of chess.

The funny thing is that the advice of the champion of america - waitzkin is his name - which is included in chessmaster 11 didnt help me at all. He is a champion but his advice is nothing compared to your advice.

If you say that the advice which is worth is the advice which has results then you must be a champion - in my case at least. I never had in my life so big process in so little time - 2 days- in any other matter.


(you can publish my email correcting all my mistakes of language without asking me first).
Mr Smirnov thank you very much deeply

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