Computer Chess
Deep Blue versus Kasparov

First Match 1996: Chess Deep Blue Computer versus Garry Kasparov (former world champion).

In February 1996 was the first match between Kasparov and Deep Blue (Computer) in Philadelphia. Kasparov has beaten the machine 4:2. He won three games, lost one and two games were drawn. The first game, Deep Blue – Kasparow, Philadelphia 1996 became famous.

Second Match 1997 - Deep Blue versus Kasparov

After that the IBM team adjusted the deep blue computer and made the hardware even stronger. According to IBM both opponents were different in the following aspects:

  • Deep Blue examines and evaluates up to 200 Million chess positions per second.
  • Garry Kasparov is able to examine up to three chess positions per second.

  • Deep Blue has a small amount of chess knowledge.
  • Garry Kasparov has a large amount of chess knowledge.

  • Deep Blue is incapable of feeling and intuition.
  • Garry Kasparov has a great sense of intuition.
  • In May 1997 there was another match. Deep Blue was now much faster and could calculate 200 million positions per second and won the match 3,5:2,5.

    Deep Blue was the first computer in history who was able to beat a world champion.

    In the second game Kasparov resigned in a drawn position because he overlooked a variation in which he could have a balanced equal position with drawing chances.

    chess deep bluechess deep blue
    Here Kasparov (Black) resigned, but could play on with 1...Qe3! 2.QxB Re8!Now Black has equal chances...

    After this unnecessary loss in the second game Kasparov's psychological condition went downhill and he didn't find back to his usual strength. He lost the sixth game rather quick, playing the black pieces

    Kasparov versus Deep Blue (Computer).

    Second Match 1997 - Kasparov lost to Deep Blue


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