High Quality Chess Teaching Videos from a Grandmaster

Nothing is more frustrating than losing every game against a good player without having a chance to win or to make a draw. Playing bad chess is hard to accept.

“Do you want to become a strong Chess Player as quickly and efficiently as possible?”

Get High Quality Chess Courses from Grandmaster Igor Smirnov (Ukraine)!

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These Video Courses of condensed chess knowledge will quickly turn a weak Player into an Expert!

You can't find better Chess Courses elsewhere. And you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a Grandmaster to teach you in your private home.


"GM Igor Smirnov has developed an effective system of chess improvement. If you follow his advice, you will become a stronger player. To back up my claim, I have evidence that following Igor's system will get you good results.

Recently, I won a qualification tournament for a GM round robin (first in my life) with GM norm chances! I am really happy!"

Keith Mac Kinnon, Canada

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You get the Best Chess Video Courses that are available on the Internet.

igor smirnov chess teacher

"Grandmaster Igor Smirnovs Chess Teaching Videos are organized like a Chess Academy and will teach you all you need to know in the shortest time possible. His team members work for several months on one chess course. For that reason, the courses are at a VERY high level."

Why are Igor's Chess Courses so effective?

  • 1. These courses are very well prepared.

  • 2. They have a theoretical part.

  • 3. They have a practical part.

  • 4. They have a money-back guarantee.

  • 5. They have a very good description page, so the audience knows exactly what they are buying.

  • 6. You save thousands of dollars on chess lessons that you would pay to a private chess teacher.

  • 7. Most likely you can't find a chess grandmaster, who gives you private chess lessons that would cost you a fortune.

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GM Igor Smirnov

See all Courses of the Chess Teaching System.
I describe the chess video courses from GM Smirnov (UKR) in more detail below.

Be sure that the team of GM Smirnov is always working very hard in order to create high quality chess lessons for you!

The following list of chess courses are the result of years of hard work. I recommend, that you get the packages below, because you get a discount this way.

Beginners Package

Advanced Package

All in one Opening bundle (3-in-1)

I suggest you download all Chess Courses together in one Package. In this case you get a HUGE discount.

I also recommend the new video course
chess courses
Unlocking Grandmaster Mind

because comparing this course with previous courses, the price is lower. This means that students can buy it more easily and save money.
I should mention that the quality of this course is very high, as with all other products.

If you are a beginner, start with this course below!

chess academy - chess courses
Reviews about "The Grandmaster's Secrets"
Get It Now - Click here!

I suggest that you first study the courses GM’s Secrets or Positional Understanding. It is better to have a solid knowledge of chess and, after that, study the opening courses.

igor smirnov chess academy chess opening course
Reviews about "The Grandmaster's Openings Laboratory"
Get Opening Laboratory 1

Get Opening Laboratory 2

chess academy igor smirnov chess course
Reviews about "How to beat Titled Players"
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Reviews about "Your Winning Plan"
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igor smirnovs chess school igor smirnov chess school
more Reviews ...
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igor smirnov chess teacher igor smirnov chess courses
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Bogo-indian defense

If you buy this package of chess courses together you will get a HUGE discount in this case!

SAVE! Get the whole Package for a Discount - Click here!

New Chess Courses

"I’m very happy to inform you that our new course “Magnus Carlsen: The Journey of a World Champion” is released.

Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen: The Journey of a World Champion

Learn from a great player, this helps a lot. Magnus Carlsen (world chess champion) is a great positional chess player who plays very safe and seldom makes a mistake. He often wins even positions due to his excellent technical skills.

The author of this course is our guest coach IM David Miedema, who is also the favourite RCA guest coach for most of you. Many students (you) really liked his video lessons and asked for more lessons and even a course from him." - GM Igor Smirnov

Play like Fischer!

bobby fischer
Play like Fischer!


Additional Resources are SUPERCHARGE YOUR CHESS! from TheChessWorld.

Chess Academy - Testimonials

Thanks, Igor Smirnov

I got you video chess course “ The Grandmaster’s Secrets” and liked it a look. The video / text says a lot of things that will make my study of chess different. Simples instructions but I am sure that will make the difference at my chess studies

I listen / read it twice and I will read it more times because I need make that instructions my basic skills so, I will improve my chess.

Antonio Mendonca
from Brazil


My dear Teacher IGOR SMIRNOV,

I would like to thank you first!

Secondly, to be honest, that Video is amazing. I watched the introduction and lesson 1 the 2 parts.
Wow, I didn't imagine you people think like that :)

And the most important thing is HOW TO THINK... it's like giving me the Key to Win. When i played with one of my strongest collegues at work, he won me easily! I really felt badly, and i said, maybe Chess is not for me... But after watching the First Video, i won him Twice, with a Quality Game.

Then after watching, reading and practicing the Practical Part (not yet finished with them), i can feel the improvement, so did my friends.. They even call me in the Company Grand Master :)

And the 2nd Video (about the blunders).. it's a really Golden Advice... and i will practice on it...

And in my opinion I do recommend the both Videos and the Excercises provided with the Grand Master's Secrets to Beginners, Average, and Experts. You will not Regret it!

Mohammad Naji

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