Chess Endgame Book

by Shyam
(Kathmandu, Nepal)

I am 1350 rating. Shall I study Dvoretsky's endgame manual or is it for more advanced player?

And what about Winning Chess Endings by Seirwan or any other endgame book. I have already studied Jeremy Silman endgame book's first five chapters.


Hi Shyam,

The chess books from Mark Dvoretsky, who is said to be the best chess trainer of the world, are much to advanced for a beginner at chess. They blow your mind off. (laughing)

Better get some other chess books that are suitable for advanced players.

At the link below you find chess endgame books.
Winning Chess Endings by Seirwan should be okay.

Especially endgame books from former world chess champion Anatoly Karpov are recommended, because he was able to win equal endgame positions against grandmasters. Unbelievable, but true.

He most of the time played those endings to the bitter end and sometimes he won and this extra point helped him to win chess tournaments.

It is difficult to say which books to read. Just read a few of them. They are all interesting.

However, specialize in some selected openings and play them all the time to get better.

Don't forget to read also books about chess strategy and positional chess. This is very important. Or your position is already ruined before you reach the endgame.
Chess Endgame Books

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