Chess Game for Kids

I found a great Chess Game for Kids for you. It is a Starter Kit actually.

It is quite exciting and a rewarding experience for a child to learn and discover chess.

Chess is fun, builds discipline and the child gains valuable social skills at the same time.

If your child has problems to concentrate it will certainly benefit from playing chess. It will learn fairness when it participates in chess competitions and will become part of the "chess family" worldwide meeting lots of interesting people.

Chess teaches a lot that can be used in life.

Kid's At-Home Strategy Starter Chess Kit

chess game for kids

It Includes

  • 1 of Chess Rules for Students - Bain ($3.50 value!)
  • 1 of Checkmate! Ideas for Students - Bain ($3.95 value!)
  • 1 of Mephisto Talking Chess Trainer ($79.95 value!) This Talking chess trainer knows the rules and guides the beginning chess player with voice feedback. You can choose between many playing levels so beginning players will not be discouraged but can beat the computer and experience progress.
  • 1 of Elliott Chess School #1 (on DVD) ($20.00 value!)
  • 1 of 20" Vinyl Roll-up Chess Board - Green ($4.95 value!)
  • 1 of 3 3/4" Quality Club Special Chess Pieces ($9.95 value!)
  • 1 of 9x7" Chess Set Pieces Bag - Green ($4.95 value!)
  • Encourage your kid to explore his creativity and have fun with chess... and lay the groundwork for future learning.

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