Chess Girl
Russian Woman Chess Grandmaster

Chess Girl Nadezhda Kosintseva (born January 14, 1985) is a Russian International Master and Women Chess Grandmaster.

chess girl

She took gold medals at the European Youth Chess Championship 1995 (Girls Under-10, Verdun), 1997 (Girls Under-12, Tallinn) and 2000 (Girls Under-18, Kallithea) and 1998 at the World Youth Chess Championship (Oropesa del Mar, Girls Under-14 event).

On April 2009 she had a FIDE rating for women of 2491 ELO.
In 2008 she won the Russian Women's Championship held in Moscow.

Her sister Tatiana Kosintseva (born April 11, 1986 in Arkhangelsk) has achieved the FIDE titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster as well.

chess girl
WGM Tatiana Kosintseva, Photo: karpidis from Piraeus, Greece

In September 2009 her rating was 2536, making her the 5th ranked female player in the world.

In 2004 and 2007 Tatiana won the Russian Women's Chess Championship and became the highest rated woman player in Russia. She won the European Women's Championship 2009 in Saint Petersburg.

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