Chess Help - The deadly Chess Rook

In the following chess game White makes one mistake and gets overrun at the kingside where Black concentrates his forces and builds a strong attack that cannot be stopped.

The end position - White moves but cannot avoid Checkmate

chess help
Chess Help

In Chess sometimes surprising moves occur. Here you can replay a game that is played with the Nimzo Indian Defense which is a very good opening that you should study.

White is playing very well up to one point where he loses concentration and makes a big mistake (13.b4??). It is remarkable that White makes just one mistake only and loses outright in a brilliant fashion.

Black employs a straightforward setup planting a strong knight to e4 into the center and protecting it with f5 and the bishop b7.

Based on this knight outpost at e4, Black organizes an attack against the White kingside that is only winning because White is making a fatal mistake playing 13.b4.

The deadly Rook


Press F-Key (or click e7 or d2 on top) = Flip Board

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