The Chess Knight Tour
Try it!

Study the moves of the chess knight and make the chess knight tour. Jump around until you have covered all squares just one time, if you can make it. It is pretty hard.

This is a mathematical problem as you must visit each square exactly once.

If the knight ends on a square attacking the square from which it began it is called a closed tour. (it may tour the board again immediately with the same path). Otherwise it is an open tour. The exact number of open tours is still unknown.

You have to do this many times to succeed, I guess. Yes, nothing in chess is easy, isn't it?

You probably get the idea if you look at the animated image at the bottom of this page. It shows you the squares to which the knight has to jump to make the closed tour.

Moves: 0

Study this image, this may help you to find the right procedure to cover all the squares.

chess knight tour

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