Checkmate in Two Moves
easy Chess Lessons for you

In the following easy chess lessons you have the white pieces and can give checkmate in two moves. Well, there might be a few exceptions, as in Position 46, where it takes three moves.

However, please try to understand why Black is in an inferior position. What are the reasons that he is loosing?

Look at the position and study the piece placement, number of attacking pieces, pawn structure, weak squares, open diagonals and files and his defending pieces.

This might give you valuable hints how to play better and which situations to avoid.

Play the moves first in your mind like in a real game and try to find the solution yourself. When you make a move in your mind always search for the best defending move of your opponent. This way you get used to find the good moves of your opponent before you execute your move yourself.

Don't trust your mind, it makes gross blunders

Never trust your own mind as it makes gross mistakes if you don't control it, but always check and crosscheck your moves and the position and never assume that your opponent will make a bad move.

This creates the mental discipline required to play chess well as you most likely don't run into a bad variation because you have analysed the situation before.

It is vital to check for blunders (blunder = big mistake) each time before you make your move. This is necessary to avoid gross mistakes like losing a piece or a pawn or getting checkmated yourself.

If you think like this each time it will become second nature sooner or later and you will improve your thinking procedure which will lead to higher playing strength in the future.

Checkmate in two (or three) - White moves


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