Play Strong Chess Moves
Destroy or Divert the Defender

Make some strong winning chess moves here! In chess you drift sometimes into positions where you must find the only move. I mean the best move possible.

This puts a lot of psychological pressure on your mind. Calm down and consider even the most unusual chess variations. You might discover a real chess-hammer that wins the chess game outright.

When you move your mouse over the diagram you see the solution.

chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves chess moves
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chess moves
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chess moves
25 26


1) 1.Qxd4 RxQ 2.b6+ checkmate
2) 1.Qxe6+ wins, if 1...QxQ then 2.Rd8+ checkmate
3) 1....Qxc4 2.QxQ Ba3+ mate
4) 1.Qxg7 NxQ 2.Nh6+ mate
5) 1.Qxb8+ RxQ 2.Bb5+#
6) 1...Qxb3 2.QxQ Bc5+#
7) 1...Rc1+ 2.BxR Re1+#
8) 1.Nxc7+ BxN 2.Bb5+#
9) 1....Rxd1 2.NxR Bf3+#
10)1.Nxh7+ NxN 2.Ng6+#
11)1.Rc8 BxR 2.Re1+#
12)1...Rxd1 2.NxR Qf1+#
13)1.Qf7+ Kg8 2.QxR+#
14)1.Rg8+ Kh8 2.RxR+#
15)1.f5! and wins a piece
16)1.e5! and wins a piece
17)1.Ne7+ Kg8 2.RxR+#
18)1....Bc5+ 2.Kh1 RxR+#
19)1...Nd4 Queen must move then QxN+#
20)1...b5!! 2.Queen must move then 2...Qf1+ 3.RxQ RxR+#
21)1...Re3 2.Queen must move then 2...Qxg3+#
22)1.QxRh8 NxQ 2.Rd8+#
23)1....QxB 2.NxQ Nf2+#
24)1.BxNd6 cxB 2.Re8+#
25)1.Rxf6 gxR 2.Qh7+#
26)1.QxBe4 RxQ 2.Ra8+#

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