Study unusual Chess Moves to win

The small positional moves win the game in the long run.

Study unusual Chess Moves to win or improve certain positions. In many positions your advantage will disappear if you don't react properly.

Often you have to decide using your intuition to evaluate which piece has more value and more energy-potential. This fine feeling has to be nurtured and developed to be able to feel if a piece is slightly better than your opponents piece in comparison. Then you can do the right trade-off.

how to play chess how to play chess
White bishop trade-off White bishop trade-off
how to play chess how to play chess
Black moves b6! to exploit the cramped position along the b-file. 1.Rxd5 QxN 2.QxNe4 NxB loses a piece
chess moves to winhow to play chess
The knight has more value than a rook in this position! Black Knight is pinned. A piece is lost
how to play chesshow to play chess
Black has the bishop pair. It has to be destroyed. d2-Knight has inferior position and should be improved.
positional chesschess moves to win
Create a passed pawn. Breakthrough to transport the passed pawn to e8.
how to play chess how to play chess
White has to increase his bishop's energy potential. White must not be fearful and afraid of 1...Rxh but make a strategical sound decision!

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