Chess Opening Book

You need a good chess opening book to learn how to start your game properly. If you select inefficient opening moves then you waste development time and finally you drift into a bad position.

Below you find some good opening books that explain different opening concepts to you. This will help you to gain a better understanding overall.

You need to understand ideas rather than memorizing countless opening lines and a book that explains clearly plans, ideas and strategies of the openings.

Best is to start with a one-volume reference and then go deeper into specific openings later on, getting books that deal with one opening only. You can study the openings you like in depth later on, once you have gained experience playing the most popular opening systems.

Just learn first what kind of openings do exist, before you get deeply involved with a particular opening system.

Basic Chess Openings - Kallai

Mastering the Chess Openings Volume 1 - Watson

Roman's Lab #38: Roman's Encyclopedia of 47 Essential Chess Openings 2

Roman's Lab #40: Roman's Encyclopedia of 47 Essential Chess Openings 4

Roman's Lab #117: Roman's Encyclopedia of 47 Essential Chess Openings 6

Basic Chess Openings - Kallai

Chess for Dummies 3rd Edition - Eade

Roman's Lab: Encyclopedia of 47 Essential Chess Openings Series

The ABC of Chess Openings 2nd Edition (DVD) - Martin

Chess Openings for Kids - Watson & Burgess

Winning Chess Openings, 4th Ed. - Seirawan

Modern Chess Openings 15th Ed - de Firmian

Foxy Openings #114 10 Easy Ways to Get Better at Chess 1 - Martin

Tactics in the Chess Opening 6: Gambits and Flank Openings - Ernst / van der Stricht

Foxy Openings #84 1 of 5 The Basic Principles,Checkmates,and Elements of Chess Easily Explained (DVD) - Martin

Foxy Openings #59 Combat Chess 2 - All-out Attack - Hodgson

Empire Chess Vol. 7: Winning King Pawn Openings for White - GM Kaidanov

Mastering the Chess Openings Volume 2 - Watson

Empire Chess Vol. 47: How Grandmasters Beat Gambits: King Pawn Openings - GM Mikhalevski

Have fun!

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