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Play this Chess Puzzle and win

Play this position below against the computer and win…

The ” chess puzzle ” below is a difficult practical exercise for you if you are a beginner in chess. You are White and have to fight with your rook against two knights. This is normally hopeless of course, as two knights are stronger than a rook.

BUT if you find the correct first and second white move in this position you will win a knight almost for free. After this you fight with your rook versus one knight only and you should win then because the rook is stronger than one knight in the resulting endgame afterwards. Just penetrate into Black’s position with your rook and kill the remaining pawns of Black from behind the lines. Then promote a pawn to get a new queen, then checkmate the black king.

If you don’t know how to win one knight to get an endgame Rook versus Knight then put your mouse on “White moves” image below which tells you the first move for you (as White).

chess puzzle

After your first move Black must make a move that is forced, then try to win a knight next move to reduce the two knights to one knight only. Then play this position to the end until you win one way or the other. If you can win (one day) then you have learned a lot already.

If you can’t find the right second move and just don’t understand how to win a knight then go with your mouse over image below.

chess puzzle

You are White – Win it!

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