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One chess player said: I play a lot of chess games in the internet. I don't care about learning theorie and just want to learn chess through "Learning By Doing". This is possible or not?

Well, can you become a dentist through learning by doing? Certainly not! You have to study...

If you are a beginner in chess and play a lot of games this will improve your chess up to a certain point. You will get routine to make acceptable moves but finally you hit a wall (your personal elo-wall) and then you don't improve further, unless you start studying chess principles and get into the theoretical part of the game.

Chess is not only Tactics

Chess is not just about calculating moves, but you have to understand how to plan ahead and learn a lot of strategic principles, key ideas and other considerations.

Furthermore you have to learn how to place your pieces more effectively and to handle complex positions on a positional level, and how to cut down your opponents counterplay.

A beginner and many advanced players don't even know what you are talking about when you say: Find a plan!

What kind of plan? What do you mean? Which plan?

There exist a lot of chess ideas which you have to understand before you become a good player. But if you never read a book or watch chess teaching videos then you will never reach a higher level of understanding. Just playing is not enough.

There are a lot of chess books available these days, but only a very small group of players will experience any significant progress by reading books because they don't know how to change their way of thinking. They are unable to open their mind to accept new ideas and rather stick to their old ways of thinking.

The majority of players will improve only slightly and then hit the wall and don't improve any further. They get stuck at their Elo Level and stay there for many years to come.

Some believe that they are good players but they know nothing...

Many believe that they know how to play good chess. And some are offended if you give them advice and won't listen to you. They think they know it better and play the same rubbish for the next twenty years, unwilling and unable to change their attitude and way of play.

One player, who played chess badly, even told me that he feels offended to listen to my advice.

I met a few players, who played at the same extremely bad level for at least thirty years. They closed their mind to good advice and were unable to follow sound strategic principles because they never studied chess theorie.

However, what do you think about all this? Did you study chess books or do you just play. And did you get better at all while just playing? Are you member of a chess club and do you play in chess tournaments? Are you able to push your level higher and higher?

This all would be very interesting for others to know and will help them to find the right path through the chess djungle to become a strong player.

Write your Story below.

Please try to tell us as much information as possible to make for a real page. If you wish, you can upload pictures.

Thanks a lot...

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