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Check - but not Checkmated

Why is white checkmate in uploaded image even white have the chance to capture that pawn who is checking the king .. Please see attachment and someone

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Bobby Fischer versus P. Dely

I'm a 63 year old man who decided it's time to actually make an effort to LEARN the game of chess, and I'm doing fairly well so far. Have trouble with

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Antique Chinese Chess Set with Hand carved Ivory Pieces

This set is Chinese with Hand-carved Ivory chess pieces. The Kings are approximately 4-4.5 tall. All of the pieces feature ornate carving and scrimshaw

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IS the king in check?

If an opponent's pawn can not move, otherwise his king would be in check), would my king be in check from that same pawn if I moved to the pawn's adjacent

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Bought in Singapore in 70s, Ivory?

My Uncle bought this in Singapore in the 70s. He had a bought lot of expensive furniture from there. Does anyone know what this is or what it is made

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Fifty Move Rule to give Checkmate

If the king is the last piece left on the board, how many moves does the opponent have to Checkmate? ---------------------------------- Admin Hi David,

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Vintage Ivory Chess Set for Sale

Looking to sell a vintage chess set I received from a family member a decade or so ago. They had traveled all over the world and had picked it up at some

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Morphy's Opera House Game

Question- Re the famous Paul Morphy/Opera game- When Morphy checkmated the opposition, why could the opposition just capture the attacking piece? It was

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How do I aquire a Chess Rating?

How do I aquire a chess rating? Thank you, Herman -----------Admin------------------ Hi Herman, The Elo Rating System (FIDE ratings) is used

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How To Start Your Own Chess Club

How To Start Your Own Chess Club

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World Chess Championship 2018 Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen

Replay the chess games from the World Chess Championship 2018 - Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen

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Ivory Chess Set from Dealer

I was in the US Air Force, stationed in Japan in 1960. I traveled to Hong Kong and purchased this ivory chess set from a reputable dealer. The white

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Antique Ivory Chess Set Made in China From East African Ivory

My father took a trip to China in 1983 with the People to People exchange program. While over there he took lots of photographs and brought back lots

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How do chess traps work in the openings?

My question is: if I open with, for example, the Kings Gambit and follow the moves that are usually done, but what if the other person is a beginner

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Stalemate and Chess Scoring Outcome

I just played a game where I forced my opponent into a position where he could not make any valid move and therfore Stalemate. I had my Queen and King,

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Chess question

HI, i was playing against my dad and we had just lost our queens and he played an unusual move. He had his pawn on the seventh rank and did not have anything

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