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Why is Ne2 better than Nf3?

Why is move Ne2 more preferred than Nf3? ----Admin------- hi, The move 1.Ne2 seems to be more flexible as White does not obstruct his f-pawn, controlls

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Question about moving/hand release

If a player moves a piece during a turn to a square and realizes this move will result in losing the piece in question, but has not yet released his hand,

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Can Black use the Kings Indian Defense always?

Can KID be used against most openings? Against which openings can it be used? -----Admin---------- Hi Gil, yes, Black can always play the Kings Indian

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Pawn Promotion - Capture

Can I take Blacks (I'm White) Rook AND promote to a Queen in the same move here. I can't seem to find the answer. ----Admin----- Hi Dan, I have reproduced

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Endgame Rook and King versus Bishop and King

Can a rook and a king defeat a bishop and a king?Yes, but only if the stronger side (the player with the rook) can manage to drive the king into the corner

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Queens Gambit

I want to know How is this opening for White...the expert views and right opinion..thnx! ------------------------------- Admin Hi, The Queens Gambit

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Stalemate and Chess Scoring Outcome

I just played a game where I forced my opponent into a position where he could not make any valid move and therfore Stalemate. I had my Queen and King,

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How do chess traps work in the openings?

My question is: if I open with, for example, the Kings Gambit and follow the moves that are usually done, but what if the other person is a beginner

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Can black King hit protected white Queen?

Can black king hit white king? Since white bishop can't be moved, white king will get check from black rook. Please help ----------Admin------------- Follow

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Do I have to declare check here?

So I was playing chess with someone and we had a disagreement. I was black and moved my rook from C1 to D1 (Rd1). The person I was playing with then

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Can a King capture a protected Piece?

Can a king capture a piece that is protected by a bishop while the bishop is pinned by the opponent’s rook? -----------Admin--------------- Hi Gene

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How To Test A Checkmate

I am a teacher of elementary school students ages 7-9 years old. I am not a chess player with much experience, however I recognize the many benefits of

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Chess Puzzle - Problem Chess

Can you please solve the attached puzzle. White wins in two moves. -----------Admin------------ Solution 1.Qe2 gxB (or 1...g2 or 1...h3) 2.Nc3++

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Chess Beginner

Can you please solve the attached puzzle. White wins in two moves. -Admin----------------- Hi, the chess pieces in this chess puzzle are hard to see so

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Check - but not Checkmated

Why is white checkmate in uploaded image even white have the chance to capture that pawn who is checking the king .. Please see attachment and someone

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Bobby Fischer versus P. Dely

I'm a 63 year old man who decided it's time to actually make an effort to LEARN the game of chess, and I'm doing fairly well so far. Have trouble with

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