Chess Strategies to win against the Spanish Opening

As you know the Spanish opening (or Ruy Lopez) is very popular among chess players and you will have to play against it for sure in the future as Black.

These Chess Strategies to win against the Spanish Opening are my favorite way to beat the Spanish. This opening line of the Cordel Defense is almost unknown and never played. Nobody plays Qf6, which is a move discovered by the strong chess software Fritz.

I researched this set up further using the strongest computer software available and found this opening line playable and quite deadly, if your opponent is not prepared. This Qf6 variation might be a nice surprize weapon to make some points.

You should try this setup against somebody who likes to play the spanish often. It is very likely that he doesn't know this Qf6 setup. You probably know it better than he does anyway if you replay more games of the Qf6 Chess Variation.

Memorize this Position

chess strategies to win

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