Chess Endgame
Kings and Pawns

I introduce the following kings and pawns chess endgame to you.
Study them to understand the techniques that are used.

For example, the triangle technique, the opposition and the fight for space. Space is an important element in such endgames. Don't push pawns too early. And don't give the king of your opponent a strong place. Use your king to keep him away! This might make the difference between drawing or winning.

I show you here two examples just for training your imagination. Please try to solve those two puzzles just mentally.

chess endgames chess endgames
Black moves and makes draw. 1...Kd7 2.Kb6 Kc8 3.a5 Kb8 4.a6 Ka8 5.a7 stalemate White moves and wins. 1.Kc2 a4 2.Kb1!!(if 2.Kc3 then 2...a3! draw) 2...a3 3.b3! (if you capture 3.bxa3 then you have an edge-pawn and cannot win! If you play 3.b4? it will be drawn as well. Check it out.) 3...Ke7 4.Ka2 Kd6 5.Kxa3 Kc5 6.Ka4 Kb6 7.Kb4 and now Black must move and loses the opposition and the game.

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