Kings Indian Defence
complex positional Chess Games

The Kings Indian Defence is used by Black and leads to a complex positional chess struggle in which good positional understanding is required.

The Kings Indian Defence is classified as a closed opening. This chess opening starts with the moves:

1. d2-d4 Sg8-f6
2. c2-c4 g7-g6
3. Sb1-c3 Lf8-g7
4. e2-e4 d7-d6

This defence was first played in tournaments by Louis Paulsen and later on by Max Euwe. It was also played by Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Tigran Petrosjan, Garri Kasparow and other top chess players.

Black allows White to control the center with his pawn formation. After that Black attacks it with the pawn moves e5 or c5. The Kings Indian is suspected not to be quite correct, but analysis and practical play by strong grandmasters made it popular. There are various plans in this opening and the black bishop on g7, which exercises pressure on the long diagonal, plays a major part in those plans.

Kings Indian Defense - Bayonet Attack 1

Kings Indian Defense - Bayonet Attack 2

Kings Indian Defense - Petrosjan Variation

If you are a beginner this opening is too complex and too difficult to understand for you.

Another weapon against the Kings Indian is the Four Pawns Attack

Kings Indian Defense - Chess Games


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