Chessmaster the Art of Learning
Chess PC Program for Amateurs

If you are a chess amateur then get the PC Program - Chessmaster The Art Of Learning - ( Grandmaster Edition ). I heard that a lot of United States Chess Players buy it.

Product Features

  • This is an extensive course on the basics of chess taught by International Chess Master Josh Waitzkin.
  • You get Tutorials from Josh Waitzkin's groundbreaking book The Art of Learning. All this knowledge alone justifies the price of chessmaster already.
  • Included is Attacking Chess course commentary by Grandmaster Larry Christiansen
  • and 900 of chess's most important games presented and analyzed
  • and a 600,000+ game database; coverage of all classic and modern opening variations
  • If you are an amateur chess player you will improve if you get this product. This program is not suitable for chess professionals, they use Fritz or Rybka to analyze their games and prepare opening surprizes.

    If you want to learn chess you cannot go wrong purchasing this product.

    Just click on the Image below and read the reviews at Amazon about this product. This will give you more information about this program.

    How to get better at Chess quickly

    If you want to learn chess you cannot go wrong getting the following unique chess teaching videos created by a chess grandmaster.

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