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Need chess supplies for a chess club?

This Chess Club Kit includes Club Chess Sets for up to 20 players. It has everything you need for your chess club or chess class.

Included are quality chessboards, sets and recommended chess clocks featured the "5 second delay" that's often required. All Items are reliable and the chessboards are forest green since this color improves concentration and is easy on the eyes.

club chess sets
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Contents of the Ultimate Chess Club Kit:

- Ten(10) vinyl rollup chessboards, easy to store

- Ten(10) sets of the "club special" regulation chess set pieces loved for their consistent break-free reputation and perfect for chess clubs and schools.

- Ten(10) Chess Bags that will easily store each set of chess pieces with a quick drawstring style closure.

- One(1) Ultimate wall-hanging Demonstration Chessboard, designed for classroom instruction or presentation of a chess game to the whole chess club.

- Five(5) Saitek Competition Pro game clocks, simple to set, requiring 2 C batteries. The clock has the popular 5 second delay which is standard, and all frequently used tournament modes.

- Twenty(20) chess scorepads for 50 games

Twenty-five(25) embossed chess pencils.

TIP: Make sure that you roll up the chessboards with the chess board squares facing outward as this ensures that the board will lay flat when later in use.

Chess Piece Guarantee

If you lose a piece, no problem! Contact us with your order number for free replacement chess pieces!

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