Don't listen to outdated advice about 1.e4 for beginners

Dear Chess - expert:

Don't repeat what you've heard without thinking it through first. 1.e4 vs 1.d4 is such an example. Time was when the only tactical experience beginners could receive was to play 1.e4 and open positions.

Nowadays, there are far too many websites for beginners to build experience in tactical positions through puzzle solving. As such, telling them to play 1.e4 is a redundant oversight. It won't help their tactical ability relative to tactical puzzles online.

Beginners ought to stick to 1.d4 in order learn about position and strategy which will complement their tactical puzzle studies.

well, to solve tactical puzzles is not the same compared to playing a real game with 1.e4, where you have to think "tactical" all the time with every move you make. If you make the slightest error you lose material and probably the game. This puts a lot of pressure on you.

Solving a tactical puzzle will not put you under any pressure to find the right solution so solving puzzles and playing a real game is not the same.

I prefer 1.d4 myself and like to play a positional game. To learn about position
and strategy is extremely important. If you ruin your position because of insufficient knowledge, then most likely there will be no advantageous tactical lines for a sound strategy is the basis of good chess.

The recommendation for beginners to play 1.e4 is not only to learn chess tactics, but more important is, that in these open positions which are the result of 1.e4, important chess principles can be demonstrated more clearly and faster. To learn and understand chess principles fast is the main reason to recommend 1.e4 for beginners. Position and Strategy can be learned in 1.e4 games as well, not only in 1.d4 games.
1.e4 games are not void of positional and strategic considerations.

In Germany, the chess courses for beginners, especially children, recommend to start with 1.e4 as chess principles can be learned faster and more easily right from the start.

Later on they might switch to playing 1.d4 if they prefer a quiet and positional game. But every chess player has to decide for himself what kind of positions he likes.
This depends on his character. For example Bobby Fisher nearly always played 1.e4.

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