Easy Chess
Watch the Pin!

Study the Pin here. This is easy chess for you. It's your move! See how you can win a piece or use the pin in these chess positions to your advantage.

Hover with your mouse over the diagrams and you will see the solutions.

Please learn Chess Notation to be able to understand the answers to these puzzles.

easy chess easy chess
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easy chess
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easy chess easy chess
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easy chess
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1) 1.Nf6+
2) 1...Ng3+#
3) 1.Nxe2+ wins a piece
4) 1.BxB wins a piece
5) 1.RxB wins bishop
6) 1.Qf8+ Qg8 2.BxB+#
7) 1.RxN wins the knight as the other knight is pinned.
8) 1.Qxd4 exQ 2.RxQ has won the knight.
9) 1.Rd8+ RxR 2.QxR+#
11)1.Qxg6 loses the knight
12)1.Rxf6 loses bishop

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