Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
Learn how to start a game the right way

GM Romans Encyclopedia of Chess Openings consists of 4 DVD Series. It will deepen your general understanding in chess if you have a good overview of opening systems in general. This helps to structure your thinking and you can classify the openings your opponents are using against you.

Chess Grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili is a leading authority on chess openings. He will teach you his own lines to play against 40 of the most popular openings showing you his recommended lines for white & black, that will give you an edge in your middle game.

encyclopedia of chess openings
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Volume 1

Covered Openings: Alekhine's Def (w&b) - Main line, 4 Pawn's Attack, Exchange Variation, and other lines. Beefeater/Dzindzi Indian Def (b), Benko Gambit (w&b), Benoni (w), Bird (b), Blackmar-Diemer Gambit (b), Blumenfeld Gambit (w), Bobo-Indian (w&b), Budapest Defense (w). 2hr-44min.

Volume 2

Caro-Kann (w&b), Colle System (w), Czech Benoni Def (w), English Def (w&b), 4 Knights Def (w&b), French Def (w). 2hr-50min.

Volume 3

Giuoco Piano (w&b), Grunfeld (w), King's Gambit (b), King's Indian Def (w&b) - Classical, Averbakh, Saemish, Fianchetto, London System, Four Pawns Attack, Latvian Gambit (w), Nimzo Indian Def (w&b). 2hr-49min.

Volume 4

Petroff (w), Philidor (w), Pirc (w), Queen's Gambit Accepted (w&b) - Slav, Chigorin's Def. Queen's Indian (w&b), Ruy Lopez (b), Scotch (b), Sicilian (w&b): Accelerated Dragon, Grand Prix Attack, Maroczy Bind. 2hr-25min.


* Over 10 hours of Grand Master Instruction
Get Romans Encyclopedia of Openings - Click here!

However, you should learn what openings are good for you and know the secrets of proper and efficient opening preparation. You need a complete repertoire for Black and White.
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