Expensive Chess Sets

I know a great family chess store. See below..

House of Hauteville Chessmen - Antique White and Brown Marble Resin

expensive chess sets

Chess House Lifetime Guarantee
When buying a chess set online, avoid time-consuming research and expense in the future when unfortunate breakage or loss happens. When you buy from Chess House, you get easy access to parts so your set is always playable. In many cases parts are complimentary.

Safe, Timely Arrival
Every order is thoughtfully packed for safe arrival. Plus, you delivery time is clear from order checkout all the way to your door.

Be delighted
Enjoy peace of mind with 90 day, no-hassle returns and easy access to our friendly, knowledgeable team through the years.

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Golden Collector Chess Set and Board Combination

expensive chess sets


Are you a discerning Chess player, one that demands the highest quality and as close to perfection as can be achieved by human hands? Then I recommend the Golden Collector Series Luxury Chess set.

This club-sized Chess set features a 4.4" King with a 2.0"diameter base and is crafted out of the highest grade Boxwood and Genuine Ebony. The Chess pieces are hand carved and hand turned by master artisans to the highest quality standards ever seen in a Chess set.

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