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I searched the internet for you and found some great Expensive Chess Sets at these three quality chess stores. See below..

Gotham Prestige Chess Set in Ebony & Red Sandalwood - 4.4" King

expensive chess sets

This Prestige Set offers a new and exciting design that shares an elegant profile with beautiful curves and simple shapes.

The pieces design is unique and are familiar with the Staunton design. Made from red sandalwood and polished black ebony. Sandalwood colors ranging from coral red to dark burgundy. A great Match between the red sandalwood and the ebony.

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Enjoy the feel and weight of this finely crafted Staunton Chess set where the pieces are hand carved by master artisans out of highest grade woods, Genuine Ebony and Blood Rosewood. These amazing sets are not only beautiful but they are functional as well.

Golden Collector Chess Set and Board Combination

expensive chess sets


Are you a discerning Chess player, one that demands the highest quality and as close to perfection as can be achieved by human hands? Then I recommend the Golden Collector Series Luxury Chess set.

This club-sized Chess set features a 4.4" King with a 2.0"diameter base and is crafted out of the highest grade Boxwood and Genuine Ebony. The Chess pieces are hand carved and hand turned by master artisans to the highest quality standards ever seen in a Chess set.

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