Fine Chess Sets
you will feel the Quality

Enjoy the best and most beautiful Fine Chess Sets you have ever seen. They will spread some elegance around your home. I found the best online chess stores for you below.

Are you looking for a remarkable online chess store? Then check the links below... You will find the finest chess sets worldwide there.


The The Chess Store is a leading retailer for chess products and offers a wide range of great chess sets, chess boards, tournament chess kits and more.

You get a large range of top quality chess products, catering for all ages and ability levels. Their support is passionate and knowledgeable about their products and believe in exemplary customer service with rapid order processing.

Get a wide selection of chess supplies, at great prices! They offer chess sets from inexpensive wooden sets for beginners, to craftsman created products for connoisseurs and collectors, or simply as superb gifts!


Or shop at that I found to be very reliable and trustworthy. They offer everything a chess player needs.

...Jack B. Winters opened this Chess Store in 1972, just in time for the world championship Fisher-Spassky match. Jack owned and operated the Chess House at 39th & Main and 74th & Broadway for seven years. He was once the highest rated player (USCF) in Missouri, and on one occasion played world chess champion, Bobby Fisher, to a draw. He sold the business to Don Oswald in 1979...

In January of 1979, Don Oswald bought the store from Jack Winters. Don increased the company's subscriber list from 1000 to 8000 in his 15 years of operation while keeping in personal contact with many of his customers who became good friends. In Don's hands, The company began to be recognized as a growing mailorder chess company.

He operated Chess House in Kansas until his death in 1994. After the owner Don Oswald passed away in 1994, the Neff brothers acquired the small company and its few assets, bringing it home to Washington state.

In 2003, the company was still an experiment, barely surviving, and without leadership, that's when Raphael Neff obtained the company to make it a thriving service oriented company.
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