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White (this is you) has an advantage of five pawn units, as measured by a computer program. As you know an advantage is measured in pawn units. You have a big advantage here, so you are expected to win this game. An average club player would win this position usually.  

Advantages of White's Position are:

- White has 6 pawns and Black has five pawns, so you are one pawn up.

- White's rooks are much better developed and add a lot of pressure to the Black position, which is already collapsing...

- At the queenside White has 4 pawns versus 2 pawns of Black, so you have a pawn majority. This means that White has chances to create two passed pawns later on, if necessaary, and promote them or at least one of them, into a queen in the long run.

- White's rook has occupied the only open file, the d-file, and has penetrated into the Black position already.

All these advantages add up to a 5-Pawn-Advantage alltogether.

General Guidelines for your play are:

- You should open up the position to be able to penetrate with your rooks and bishop and king.

- Create weak pawns through trading and attack them. Win more pawns, if you can, to increase your material advantage.

- Bring your king into the center later on, as soon as there is no danger for him and attack weak pawns with it. The king must play actively sooner or later.

- Give a check only if it improves the position of your piece, but not for its own sake.

- When you have won some more pawns then simplify trading off rooks or lightpieces. Then you can transform your pawn-advantage much easier.

- Before you make a move make sure you understand Black's possible answers.

- When Black has moved think about the purpose of this move or you run into double attacks, forks, traps and lose the game outright.

- Always improve the position of each piece continously, to reach optimum power level for each piece. Use x-ray vision to see diagonals, rows and files for a piece. Don't just look at the piece itself, then you see nothing.

Play now with White and win

free chess online free chess online

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