Free Online Chess Games - Level 6 - Game 5

You are White - Play and win this Position

You play the white pieces and have a big advantage of 6 pawns. First you have to estimate material first to assess if you have an material advantage or not.

You have the following advantages

  • White has four pawns at the kingside, Black just got three pawns there
  • White has two pawns at the queenside, Black none at all
  • White has a rook versus a knight. This is called: "He won the exchange" At one stage in the game White must have traded a lightpiece (bishop or knight) for a rook, so he has now a rook fighting the knight. This is advantageous for White of course, as a rook has a value of 5 pawns, but a knight has just a value of 3 pawns in even positions. Sometimes there are blocked positions possible where a knight can make up for that difference and equalize, if it is well-placed and the rook is locked in to some extent. But this is not the case here as the position is open and the rook can move freely.
  • White has two passed pawns so he should optimize his rooks power level to the optimum and then advance his pawns and the whole army slowly but surely and try to promote a pawn eventually. If he can do so he should strive to win more pawns penetrating with his rooks behind the lines into the opponents pawn structure and catch a weak pawn.
  • Now go for it and win...but take care and don't run into a fork!

    Level 6 - You are White

    free online chess games free online chess games

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