Chess Course “Self-taught Grandmaster”
Learn Grandmaster Chess

To study grandmaster chess, videos are very effective, because you can absorb a lot of information very fast, relaxing in your chair.


Organize the work


Let's realize one important thing. We can find a lot of different training materials, exercises and chess games on the internet. I can confess that they are very useful. The main problem is that we cannot organize these effectively. For that reason, chess players receive random knowledge and, therefore, obtain random results.


Beginner chess coaches


A chess trainer should have very special knowledge in order to help amateurs and beginners. This course will help you to organize the lessons and the training system.


Advanced chess coaches


There are a lot of different chess coaches out there and this chess course, "Self-taught Grandmaster", can help them organize their work. They can find different training methods and can apply them in practice. The RCA Company is planning to engage some personal chess trainers, so they have to study this particular chess course.

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Talented / ambitious chess players


Also, there are a lot of talented and ambitious chess players who don't like to spend so much money on chess trainers but would like to organize their work through their own efforts. The course "Self-taught Grandmaster" is the best solution for them!

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