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by Professor Krepotkin (Twin Lakes, WI U.S.A.)
Played chess for 50 years. Rating about 1500, lately on internet chess only. Very limited repetoire. I almost always play 1. P-K4 w/white. And usually 1. … P-K4 as black, leading into Lopez or Piano. Sometimes Sicilian Defense or Q’s G against 1. P-Q4, if I’ve been playing a lot lately.

learn chess openings fast

I cannot memorize chess openings. THey make sense when I study the games, but when I play, I forget almost everything once play starts and I get confused.

I cannot abide the algebraic system of notation. I only read my old Ruben Fine openings and the Complete Opening collection over and over because they are in traditional notation and they contain more than I can ever possibly learn anyway.

I do love chess. Its existance is miraculous, a gift from Providence. It is a metaphore for creation and for God, for good and evil. There can be no existence, no “big bang” event, without the pre-existent rule, the physical law from the Law Giver.

There is no game with out the rules of the pieces movements, which the chess set itself presumes. Then, assuming it makes its best move, White can never lose, because it goes first. So it is with God, and with good. But err, and evil has its chance.


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