Hand Carved Wood Ivory Chess Set

by Ms. Vicki Budd
(Ft. Scott KS USA)

Wood Ivory Chess Set

Wood Ivory Chess Set

This chess set was purchased at an estate sale in Kansas over 20 years ago, it did not come with any paperwork or indication of maker of any kind.

The pieces are hand carved wood with ivory.

I have searched and searched and never found a set like this. Unfortantley I know very little about it.

It is in need of repair. The box is solid wood, needs tape removed and cleaned up. Many of the pieces are broke or missing parts of the piece. It is a full set.

I am looking for an approximate value, would consider selling for the right price, its been in the family for a long time and would love it have it repaired, as it is such a beautiful set.

My email is vickijbudd@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much.

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Sep 03, 2017
Chess set
by: Mrniceguy


I also own a very similar set. It is wood and bone. Mi have had the set since my sister bought it for me as a gift. It is hard to place a value in it. I have seen them go on eBay from one hundred to two hundred dollars.

I have repaired mine over the years by buying individual pieces and using super glue. My set is mint but I have had to repair it. The small parts of the pieces like the knights ears can break easily if you're not careful.

This is an ornamental set. It is not a tournament set with the staunton patern which is standard for tournament play. I love mine. It is displayed in my home. I get many wonderful compliments on it.

The similar sets come in many different patterns. If you plug chess wood bone into and eBay search you will see that.

Good luck and I hope this helped.


Jan 07, 2015
i have a similar set
by: jim r

my set was a gift from the president of mexico to a canadian university professor in 1935. it is in almost perfect condition. i would like to get an estimated value.

Jan 10, 2014
I have a similar set
by: David

I have a similar set with wood and what I thought was ivory and the Bishops, knights and pawns have collars that appear to be plastic. Mine was made by E.S.Lowe Co. Inc. apparently in 1945 (it came with paperwork). My pieces are not painted though and they are a little taller (the king is a little over 5 inches from the bottom of the base) with more intricate carvings. But I have had no luck finding any sets like this for sale or on the Internet even with this information. I hope this helps.

Sep 03, 2013
It's not Ivory
by: Majory

This is a very well known set among collectors. It is a wooden and cattle bone set, made for the tourist trade in Mexico c. 1960-present. Similar ones are still made today.

It originally came with a box/chess board of pine. This set came in a wide variety of types. Some were all bone, some all wood, some wood and bone, as this one.

Many were made with the painted faces and many were plain. The all bone are the most desirable.

They are fun sets but none are too terribly rare, I'm sorry to say, as there are always a few of them listed on Ebay in one form or another.

This set, in perfect condition typically sells for about $100; The all bone for up to $200, depending on the the style and details.

Aug 08, 2013
Chest Set-Indian Sahib Sihk Bust Ivory Chest Set
by: lynn

I have had this set for 40yrs. A family of Doctors from India had the set hand carved for their grandfather and passed down to father to son in the late 191h century.

I received it from the son, who is a doctor. He had no sons and gifted the set to me in appreciation for caring for his mother.

The set came in a case lined in cream silk. I have no papers of authenticity. I would like to have some idea of its value.

Jan 12, 2013
I have one too.
by: Anonymous

My parents purchased a set just like this one, I believe in the late sixties. I now have it without the board, and would like to know if it has any value as well. If you find out, you can email me at: suzb85@sbcglobal.net.

Nov 30, 2012
Ivory Chess Set
by: Anonymous

Did you ever find out anything about your set? I believe that my mom owned a similar one in the early 70's, that she bought as an antique. If you found out anything, please email me at drwaldrep@salsa.md. Thanks.

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