How many Queens can be on the Board?

by Vicki
(Cleveland, Ohio, US)

Can you trade in a pawn for a queen when your queen is still on the board?

Hi, Vicki
Yes, you can trade all your 8 pawns for queens, so you can theoretically have 9 queens on the board alltogether.

But this never happens. Normally a good chess player resigns when he realizes that the opponent can promote a pawn into a queen and will be a queen up, because he knows he will surely lose the game fighting against a queen with minor pieces like knights and bishops. Unless he has compensation.

For example: if he plays with his three minor pieces (ex: 2 knights and 1 bishop OR 2 bishops and 1 knight) against a queen, or plays with 2 rooks against a queen, then this will be sufficient compensation in most cases.

If compensation for the queen exists the winner will be the player who has the better piece placement and the better pawn structure.

In the famous chess game below each grandmaster had two queens, alltogether there were 4 queens on the board.

Robert J. Fischer - Tigran Petrosian

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