How To Start Your Own Chess Club

Chess is one of the most popular sports in the world. It's played by many people and some of the matches are legendary.

This game requires not only skills but also strategic thinking and a lot of practice. People who love chess can sometimes be infected by the desire to play more but a common problem is finding people to play with. No one ever seems to have enough time.

That's probably why you came up with the idea to start a chess club more than once. However, you are also lost on some of the basics of starting a chess club - or any club for that matter - and that always stopped you. Until now.

Here is how you can start your very own chess club in six simple steps.

Find the location

This is one of the first things you need. Although you think you'll find a spot easily once you get started and gather some people, this might prove to be an issue.

Parks are great in the summer or on sunny days when it's not too cold or too hot but you'll essentially need a roof over your club's head.

Coffee shops are a good starting point. Look for the ones that have a lot of space and tables that are of the right size for your chess board, chess clocks and occasional drinks.

While the owners will love the extra visitors, don't think that you can just hold your meetings there without having anything to drink.

If you want to have a good relationship with the owner and continue meeting there, you better order a coffee or two.

Later on, when more people join and you figure out a monetizing system - if that's what you want - you can purchase an office space or something similar.

Gather a few friends

At first, these will be the only people in your chess club. They will help you with each step of the process and just be there for you while you gather members.

Plus, you will need someone to play with during that time. These could be your family members, your coworkers, your friends or acquaintances you know love chess as much as you do.

Gather the things you'll need

Every chess club needs two things - chess boards with all the pieces and chess clocks.

That's a simple, easy-to-find equipment that will also cost you very little if you are smart. Go to flea markets or second-hand shops, yard sales and similar in order to find the cheapest equipment you can.

Advertise your chess club

In order to get club members, you need to start advertising as soon as possible. And there is no better place for that than social media.

Social media is a great tool in your arsenal and you should definitely use it.

Come up with a Meeting schedule

Coming up with a meeting schedule is fairly easy. Just set the time and the day or days of the week when you would like to meet. You can either set the dates based on the time that works for you or consult everyone on what they think is best.

Enter or host tournaments

Finally, have fun! Enter tournaments with your group or host some internal tournaments. All of this will draw more people in.

Starting a chess club may seem complex from a far but it's really a simple process. Try it yourself in these six simple and easy steps.

Freddie Tubbs is a communication manager at Ukwritings.

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