How to Win with Pawns!

by Anna
(Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria)

Everybody hates pawns, right? But actually, when used to their potential, they really can help you win and you can even win WITH them! (I tried this strategy during my game today.) Here's how:

1. Which piece do you value and rely on the most? Move the pawn in front of that piece. Free it up. Keep moving your pawns forward til they're all in a line. Maybe an enemy piece got in, but take care of that later. You can fix that within your little barrier.

2. Start to build a defensive barrier around the king. Remember, he's valuable.

3. Start using your pawns for capture. Get your pawns near other pieces, and capture! You can use them as "sacrifice bait" as well by putting them in a situation where they'll be captured right away (a player's tendency is to go right into a capture without thinking) but you'll have another piece there to capture the piece that took yours.

4. Don't be afraid to kill your pawns and let them be captured. Just make sure you have more than two or so of them for your captures. Once you've captured most of the pieces (this is a difficult part. It's hard to capture with pawns but that's the whole point.) you're just free to bait all your pawns.

5. Now that there's little for the opponent, start crackin' on the king. Use ordinary attacks. You can do this: get your rook across the king. The king will move to another row and you can just move to that row. It'll keep going like that and you can declare it a checkmate.


Hi Anna,

Well, you can't learn chess like this giving general advice. Nobody knows what you are talking about. You have to show specific positions (diagrams) and then analyze them. This way everybody can see what's going on.

Black moves and wins material
1...BxN 2.exB e4!

In the above position Black captures the knight on f5 (1...BxNf5) and then pushes his e-pawn ahead (2...e4) This is a PAWN FORK because the black e-pawn FORKS (attacks) two pieces at the same time. White can only save one piece so the other one will be lost.

This means Black is winning a piece (knight or bishop) and most likely will win the game because he will have a big material advantage after that.

All the best

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